Why Dye+Chem ? Why Brazil? Why Now ?

  • Brazil’s Chemical Industry ranks 12th in the world and growing at 10% annually

  • Brazil’s Chemical Industry accounts for over 13% of total exports from Brazil and contributes around 6.7% of the Brazil GDP

  • Accounting for 2% of global output, the Brazil  Chemical Industry is currently valued at about US$ 28 Billion

  • The size of the Global Chemical Industry was  estimated at US$ 1.5 Trillion (in 2002)

  • The Chemical Industry is a key contributor to the world economy.

  • The Industry supplies to virtually all sectors of the economy and produces more than 80,000 products

  • The Brazil Dyes & Chemical Industry has a high domestic demand potential as Brazil markets develop

  • Brazil is fast-emerging as the sourcing hub for speciality chemicals for industries such as textile, rubber, paper and paints, for many global majors

  • Easy access to visitors from neighboring Countries. Also – Sao Paulo, is easily accessible by Air, Rail & Road from all parts of Brazil and daily flights to & from Neighbor Countries

  • Textile and Apparel exports alone from Brazil will cross US$ 50 Billion in 2010

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